Your summer skin needs some attention!

Welcome to fall! It certainly is here way to soon but here it is, like it or not. And like it or not, along with changing weather comes changes in our skin. Now that summer is ending we may need to take a close up look at what those few precious months did to your skin. Not only do we often experience dehydration, over exposure to the sun may have caused some hyperpigmentation and a few fine lines and wrinkles. A series of peels and a good home care regimen can make all the difference in improving the appearance of your summer skin.
ADVANCED REJUVENATING CONCEPTS has a number of peels designed to address all the various skin issues we face.
30% Lactic Acid peel is excellent for dry skin in need of hydration. Ingredients in this peel help reduce inflammation, boost collagen synthesis, and improve moisture retention, while also offering antioxidant protection.
20% Salicylic Acid peel is suited for all skin types but especially beneficial for oily or acneic skin that is not inflamed. It also works on superficial discoloration and helps minimize pore appearance.
30% Citrus C peel is a combination of glycolic and citrus acids, fruit enzymes, and vitamin C. This peel is the ultimate anti-aging treatment that helps relieve superficial dehydration, discolorations, and fine lines, while improving the skin’s pore appearance, hydration, tone and texture. Excellent for sun damaged skin.
Pumpkin Peel 30% Glycolic is a blend of pumpkin enzymes and glycolic acid which offers many rejuvenation benefits to the skin. The acid-enzyme combination promotes a natural oxygenation to the skin cells, regeneration and antioxidant protection, while maintaining a gentle result for sensitive and rosacea skin types.

A peel is an excellent treatment with any of the facial options on my menu.  A series of peels is a focused, more aggressive treatment regimen usually performed weekly for 4 or 5 weeks depending on each client’s specific need. Combining peels is another focused treatment solution with quick results.  These series and combinations of facial peels will be listed as new menu items and the treatments will include: cleansing, toning, peel, mask, moisturizer.  Ultra sonic exfoliation and product penetration treatments will be an added option to this series.  Watch for details in the “menu” section.