Seasons change and so do we….

As we transition into the glorious colors of the fall season, it’s a good time to address the transition our skin goes through as we depart the sunny summer days. Whether we like it or not, the cold is creeping in. Although winter in Wisconsin can be absolutely beautiful, along with the beauty comes the harsh reality of cold weather and it’s effect on our skin. Come and see me for a treatment facial using one of the many Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts products designed to target your specific skin care needs. A great facial should bring noticeable change to the appearance of your skin. ARC products are professional grade products with concentrated ingredients scientifically formulated to benefit every skin type and condition.

Have you ever thought about having a mud wrap? After a body exfoliation using sea salt and essential oils, a layer of Dead Sea mud is applied to the skin. Cocooned in warmth, you will rest as your body begins to detox and absorb the rich minerals from the ancient Dead Sea bed. This treatment is especially beneficial to people with very dry skin and psoriasis but can be enjoyed by anyone.

Call or email me for more information. I am happy to answer your questions and would love to meet and get you started on reaching your skin fitness goals!