Introducing Qet Botanicals!!

FACE IT Skin Fitness now offers Qet Botanical Beauty products and facials!  Qet uses 100% natural and non-toxic ingredients in their skin care, hair, and body care line made locally by Lisa Brill in Cross Plains, Wisconsin.  I am so excited to finally be able to offer a skin care line that uses organic ingredients in their formulations whenever possible. Qet works only with suppliers who practice sustainable farming, wild harvesting, and honesty.  This means no residual chemicals to soak into your skin and you’ll get only the purest form of each exquisite ingredient. Not only is Qet  a high quality product line, it is highly effective, and also highly affordable! Qet utilizes beneficial actives and clinical grade essential oils in all their products.

Serums vs Creams: If you’re looking to clear your skin, smooth the surface, target wrinkles, protect, or retexture your complexion, (or a little of everything!), then you’re in serum territory. Serums are more effectively absorbed than a cream that sits on the skin’s surface. Serums can penetrate the skin more deeply to target specific needs to make your skin its best.  These deep down benefits will show on the surface.  Qet serums are pure and potent but will not clog the skin or make it more oily.

Qet’s exclusive line of skincare is flexible and caters to the various skin conditions.  All products within the “suites” can be inter-changed as your skin’s needs change.

Balancing Suite for skin that is active with blemishes, oily, combination, or normal with activity.

Hydrating Suite for skin that still has the occasional breakout, combined oily and dry areas, or normal needing regular hydration.

Restoring Suite for skin that is normal, dry, very dry, sensitive to hormones and the elements, or suffers from occasional rashes and other minor skin irritations.


Now that I’ve added a Qet Botanicals Facial to my menu you can come in and experience Qet for yourself!

Introductory offer:  Book your Qet Botanicals facial  by May 1st and receive the “Getting Started Facial Suite”  for only $10!  That’s a $25 value! The starter suite contains a sampling of the five steps of Qet’s exclusive care system.

Included in each kit are: Cleansing Oil, Exfoliant, Toning Water, Day Serum, and Night Serum.  Each skin suite is formulated for your skin type.

In Lisa’s own words:

Replenishing, rejuvenating, and nourishing – our luxury care products are derived from nature’s best skin-loving and hair-loving botanicals. Boasting a multitude of vitamins, actives, and essential fatty acids to fight against free radicals, our products offer high-level results without any residual chemicals or synthetics getting in the way. 

You have the right to know what you’re using on your skin and hair – and because our products are 100% natural and nontoxic, we have nothing to hide. Our promise to you is that we will always disclose the complete list of ingredients in our products. Our products contain NO artificial fragrances or preservatives, NO growth agents, parabens, or sulfates, and NO phthalates or synthetic ingredients. 

All products, from start to finish, are formulated, manufactured, filled, and shipped by Qet, LLC in Cross Plains, Wisconsin.